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At James Leighton, we give peace of mind to scores of our clients from across the UK. We offer a wide range of protection and insurance services and our advisers are experienced in finding suitable solutions for all. 

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Your safety net

For all life’s uncertainties

Let our team of fully qualified insurance specialists show you how to protect you and your family’s financial future against events that are outside your control. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to protecting loved ones which is why we personalise every recommendation to fit our clients’ attitude to risk and budget precisely. Our objective is to help our customers to understand the size of the risk they face and how they can make an informed choice about how to mitigate those risks with a sustainable and affordable premium. We have access to a wide range of insurance products, such as life and critical illness cover, income protection and family protection.

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    Assessing individual risk

    Our insurance service starts with an individual assessment of your needs and risks. This helps us identify the most appropriate types of protection for you. Your adviser conducts a detailed analysis to ensure nothing is missed.

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    Your trusted insurance partners

    Our experienced and trusted advisers work with specific insurers to ensure our clients consider the most suitable and reliable options available to them, for complete peace of mind. 

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    Protecting your family’s future

    Our advisers will only offer personalised recommendations that prioritise your family’s well-being, goals and expectations. This is essential in choosing the correct level of cover and financial protection for you and your loved ones. 

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    Neutral and objective - always

    Our protection advice service is always offered with 100% transparency. This guarantees that clients are only being recommended the most suitable options.

Expect the unexpected

Critical illness, income protection, family income benefit and life assurance are vastly different – do you know the important differences?

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Here for you

Protection advice, whenever you need it

Our team aren’t just here to help you choose the correct insurance product and level of cover. Our advisers and services are at your disposal for the long run, allowing you to review existing policies and adjust levels of cover when required. This is an important aspect of our protection services which many clients take advantage of for ongoing peace of mind. Should you ever need to make a claim on any policy taken out with our guidance, we are on hand to help and support you. From consultation to claim, James Leighton is by your side every step of the way.



What types of protection does James Leighton advise on?


The James Leighton team have vast experience in helping clients take out income protection insurance, life assurance, critical illness cover, family income benefit and even home insurance. Our team of skilled professionals cover all bases without compromising on results.


Can James Leighton review and update existing protection policies?


Yes, our team is able to review your existing insurance and protection policies to make sure you’re fully protected for your ever-changing circumstances. Life events may mean your existing policies are no longer fit for purpose or may need adjusting. Contact our team for a personal assessment of existing policies.


How do James Leighton advisers calculate the right amount of cover?


All James Leighton advisers complete a comprehensive individual assessment with you to calculate the right amount of cover you need. Our advisers will consider multiple factors when calculating coverage, including but not limited to your lifestyle, financial obligations and future goals and obligations.

£6.85 billion

is the figure insurers paid out in life insurance, critical illness and income protection claims in 2022*.

In the same year, more than 15,900 people made a claim on their income protection policy.


Jamie Cox - Protection Adviser

"We take pride in introducing our services to clients. It's not just about selling; it's about safeguarding the lives of you and your loved ones and protecting your home and income."

Jamie joined our Protection Department in October 2021. He and the team go above and beyond to ensure our clients are comprehensively covered for all of life’s eventualities.

Jamie Cox
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Case study

Unveiling true protection needs and enhancing client understanding

Client background: We recently helped a client who believed they had comprehensive insurance coverage. Following their remortgage with us, we booked them in to review their existing policies to ensure they were adequately covered. The client held policies that covered life, critical illness and income protection and was initially hesitant to delve into the details, believing that they were already sufficiently protected.

The challenges:

  1. The primary challenge in this case was the client's reluctance to undergo a detailed review of their insurance policies. The client had unknowingly been under-protected when originally securing their insurances but believed they were comprehensively covered.

What we did: 

  1. We recognise the importance of ensuring that our clients have the right level of coverage for their unique personal needs. When dealing with this case, we knew we needed to work patiently to convey the significance of reviewing their existing policies.
  2. After gaining their trust and cooperation, the client agreed to a detailed policy review. This allowed us to conduct a thorough examination, which revealed that the policies in place were less comprehensive than the client had initially believed.

To wrap it up: This case highlights the importance of having a thorough and detailed understanding of insurance coverage. By conducting a comprehensive review, we were able to identify the shortfalls in the client's existing policies and help them rectify these issues.

The client expressed their gratitude for highlighting these shortfalls and providing them with a clear understanding of their insurance policies. They now have the peace of mind that they are correctly protected and they now understand the scope of their coverage and monthly payments.

At James Leighton, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the insurance coverage that aligns with their individual needs and circumstances.

They now have the peace of mind that they are correctly protected.

What our customers say

Can’t express enough my gratitude for James Leighton Financial Services. We’ve used them for the past 5 years and wouldn’t look elsewhere now. No matter who I deal with, they’re always super friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and willing to help wherever possible. A special thanks to Jamie Cox, Emily Vincent & Leanne Morris for their most recent work with our life insurance & remortgage process. (Usually a process I’d absolutely dread having to go through, but these guys make it really easy and stress-free). Highly recommend!

E Hodgkinson