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Remortgaging is the process of switching your existing mortgage to a new one. This is done for various reasons, such as getting a better interest rate, reducing monthly repayments, releasing equity from your property or consolidating debt.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Remortgage with confidence

Trusted, tailored and whole of market advice

Our remortgage advisers have a track record of ensuring homeowners switch their current mortgage deal when it's advantageous to do so, often securing better rates and terms that align with their evolving financial circumstances. We’ve been able to help people save through a tailored approach and access to a wide range of lenders and exclusive options available to us as part of the Quilter Financial Planning network.

It’s never a one-size-fits-all service as your adviser needs to assess your existing mortgage terms and the current market. Moreover, we are completely whole of market and will guide you throughout the complete process. We aim to make your remortgaging journey as effective and efficient as possible.

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    Access your home’s equity

    As part of your remortgage, you could access some of your home’s equity as a lump sum. This could be a more cost-effective method of borrowing for home improvements or something else.

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    Remortgaging peace of mind

    Our specialised and highly experienced remortgage advisers’ objective is to give you peace of mind that changing lender will bring clear, worthwhile and tangible benefits.

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    Access exclusive remortgaging products

    As a whole of market brokerage, our remortgage advisers have access to a huge range of more than 90 lenders and 1000’s of deals, in addition to a range of exclusive products offered through our mortgage network, Quilter Financial Planning.

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    Negotiations with lenders

    When using our mortgage services, you won’t have to deal with lenders directly. Our experienced advisers will liaise on your behalf to secure the most suitable remortgage deal for your needs.

Experience in action

By having highly experienced, specialised and dedicated remortgage advisers, their in-depth knowledge of the lending market allows them to extract better value for our customers.

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By your side

Focusing on your long-term goals

The James Leighton team of mortgage advisers take the time to understand clients’ long-term financial goals when remortgaging. By understanding your wider financial goals, our advisers can help you make decisions that contribute to a more secure financial future. As remortgaging has the potential to save you money and/or provide greater flexibility on repayments, it should be carefully considered alongside other financial planning.

We are based in Nottingham and work with clients looking to remortgage across the UK. We don’t rush initial consultations and make sure we truly understand your current situation and long-term goals. This ensures our remortgaging advice aligns with your genuine needs and preferences, so you can make informed and considered decisions. We commit to truly bespoke remortgaging services for the benefit of our clients.



What are my options when my current mortgage deal comes to an end?


This depends entirely on your circumstances. In general, your options are: do nothing and roll onto the “Standard Variable Rate” (SVR), choose a new deal from your existing lender (called a “Product Transfer”) or change lender entirely (called a “remortgage”). However, there are so many other factors to consider and speaking to one of our specialist advisers is highly recommended - zero hassle and fee free.


What are the pros and cons of remortgaging to a fixed-rate mortgage over a variable-rate mortgage?


Fixed-rate mortgages mean fixed repayments which makes for easy budgeting and certainty for a number of years ahead. However, they lack flexibility because an early repayment charge will apply if you redeem the mortgage before the end of the fixed rate period. A variable rate product offers flexibility as they will usually have low or no early repayment charges (ERCs) and you might benefit if the Bank of England Base Rate drops.


Can mortgage brokers help with remortgaging if I have complex financial circumstances and unsatisfactory credit history?


Yes, customers with complex financial circumstances, such as self-employed, adverse credit, multiple properties, foreign passport holders, contractors and many other reasons, are well advised to speak to a broker. They will be able to use their experience and knowledge about lender criteria to open access to more lenders, often saving you time and money.


mortgage products were up for renewal in Q1 of 2023*.

Almost 6 in every 10 (57%) mortgages will be up for renewal by the end of 2023.


Grace Flint - Remortgage Adviser

“With a whole lot of dedication and know-how, we guide clients down the road to financial success, one remortgage at a time!"

Grace joined us in July 2022. She's passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals and believes in strong communication and collaboration within the team.

Grace Flint

What our customers say

We have been using James Leighton since we bought our property back in 2017 and always found them to be fantastic. They always find the best deals and manage to decipher what it exactly you want when remortgaging.

Grace was super friendly from the start ensuring that everything was discussed upfront and all questions were answered. Thank you so much.

L Dudley