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One of the most daunting aspects of securing a mortgage or other financial products is the uncertainty of what lies ahead. We aim to remove some of that uncertainty by allowing prospective clients to get a feel for who we are and the processes our advisers adopt. To do this, we have illustrated the common process you should expect when working with our team members below. And as always, if you have further questions, we’re just a call or email away.

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Initial consultation

This step is crucial as it allows you to firstly discover whether you can secure a mortgage, and secondly will tell you how much you could potentially borrow. It’s also a great opportunity to talk through any questions or concerns you have about your personal finances or the mortgage process itself. Our amazing team of Qualifiers will gather information about your personal and financial circumstances, and with your express authority, will provide you with a Decision in Principle (DIP). Think of it as your golden ticket to go house-hunting (if you haven't started already).



Once you have been financially qualified for a mortgage and you’ve found a property, you will be able to reserve a property or make an offer on your new home.

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Case Management


At this stage you will be assigned a Case Management team to oversee your entire home buying journey.  They will help you to gather any documents required to process your mortgage application and will then book you in for an appointment with one of our expert mortgage advisers at a convenient time for you.



Mortgage advice

Mortgage appointment

This process takes around 30-60 minutes, but it can vary based on how many applicants will be on the mortgage, whether there are any unique details that require further discussion, and whether you have any questions. During this time, your mortgage adviser will have an in-depth conversation with you to understand your needs, conducting thorough and comprehensive research to find a mortgage product that aligns with your specific requirements.

Mortgage application submitted

Once you have given us authority to proceed with your mortgage application, it will be submitted to your lender for approval. Rest assured, your Case Management team will be on top of things, keeping a close eye on the progress of your application throughout the entire process.

They will maintain open lines of communication, liaising between you, your lender and your solicitor, on your behalf. They will ensure any queries or additional information required are promptly addressed.

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Protection appointment

While your mortgage application is being reviewed, you will be booked in for a protection appointment. The primary objective of this appointment is to ensure that you are adequately covered and protected in the unfortunate event of any unexpected circumstances affecting your income or health. These protection options include income protection insurance, critical illness cover or life insurance. The purpose of these policies is to provide you with financial support in challenging times, ensuring that mortgage repayments and other commitments can be met and allowing you to focus on recovery without the additional burden of potential financial strain.



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Case Management


Your chosen lender will take the necessary steps to assess the value of your new property. This valuation process is conducted independently by the lender to ensure that the loan amount you require reflects the true value of the property. The purpose of this valuation is to protect both you and the lender, as it ensures that the mortgage is in proportion to the property's worth. You don't need to take any action during this stage of the process. Your Case Management team will inform you of the outcome.


Mortgage offer

Your Case Management team will be in touch to tell you as soon as your mortgage offer has been approved. They will guide you through the details of the formal offer, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the terms, conditions and obligations associated with it. They can answer any questions you may have and will provide guidance on the next steps to finalise the mortgage process.


Arranging home insurance

At this stage it is crucial to have buildings insurance in place, but we usually advise you to insure the contents too. With your permission, your Case Management team will arrange this insurance policy on your behalf. We work closely with a highly reputable insurance provider to ensure that you have access to competitive rates and comprehensive coverage that suits your specific needs.


Exchange of contracts

At this stage, your solicitor will arrange for the signing and exchanging of contracts between all parties, officially solidifying the agreement. It's important to note that once this exchange takes place, you are legally bound to the purchase of your new home. Once the contracts are exchanged, you can look forward to securing your moving date.



Congratulations! This is the day you will get your keys and can move into your new home.


loans arranged per year on average between 2017 and 2022.

We are a Nottingham-based team of experienced mortgage brokers. Over the last five years, we have arranged over £300 million worth of mortgages per year for satisfied clients across the UK. If you’re looking for established mortgage brokers with industry connections, then James Leighton could be the right choice.



How do you make money if you are a completely free service?


We are proud to offer completely fee-free services. Every mortgage broker receives a commission from the lender once your mortgage is finalised. However, what sets us apart is that we don't burden you with any additional fees. You can hold on to your money for more exciting purchases, while we strive to transform your dream home into a reality.


Can I use your mortgage services if I’m not buying a new build property?


Absolutely! We help clients across the UK with buying resale properties as well as new build properties, not forgetting remortgaging them too - our adviser's expertise covers a wide range of property types and mortgage options. There are no hidden fees or tiered levels of service, meaning that whatever support you require, it's provided to you without any cost, while maintaining the same high standard of excellence.


Can you help me understand which government schemes I might be eligible for?


Definitely! We're well-versed in government schemes like Shared Ownership and First Homes, as well as Deposit Unlock which was created by the Home Builders Federation. We will explain eligibility criteria, application processes and how it affects your mortgage options.


I’d like to get financially qualified by you, what documents will I need?


You don’t need any documents at qualification stage. If you are looking at applying for a joint application, it would be useful to know the second applicant’s employment and salary information. Our friendly expert Qualifiers will ask you questions about your personal and financial circumstances in order to accurately assess your mortgage affordability. There is zero obligation to take our advice or use our services, you can simply call our Nottingham office for a chat!

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