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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Access to 90+ lenders

We're a leading UK new build mortgage specialist with more than a decade’s experience and countless happy clients. Our expertise streamlines the process of buying your dream home from any developer nationwide. We excel at navigating deadlines, special schemes and unique challenges. As an Appointed Representative of the Quilter Financial Planning Limited, we have access to 90+ lenders and 1000s of mortgage products, including some exclusives. Plus, our strong lender relationships give us access to dedicated new build underwriting teams and senior level relationship management. Let us help you smoothly and swiftly secure your new build property.

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    New build mortgage specialists

    Unlock the door to your dream new build home with confidence. While new build properties may come with unique mortgage considerations, our team of specialists is here to guide you effortlessly. With our extensive new build mortgage expertise, accelerated lender support and a deep understanding of incentives and specialised products, you're in capable hands.

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    Tailored new build mortgage solutions

    We don’t just tailor your mortgage to fit your unique personal circumstances and objectives; we go the extra mile. We use our experience and expertise to utilise and optimise any schemes available or incentives offered by the housebuilder to ensure that your mortgage is most suited to your needs.

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    Continuous and ongoing support

    We understand the home-buying process can be overwhelming and that being able to speak to a knowledgeable human being about your case is so important. Our Nottingham team is here 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

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    One-stop mortgage shop

    We’re more than just mortgage advisers. Our team can assist you with other related financial services and products, such as home and contents insurance, personal insurance and much more. Get everything you need in one convenient place.

Informing your decisions

We offer you up to date and accurate information to enable you to make informed decisions, while kicking confusing jargon into touch.

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Trusted, reputable and credible

The importance of working with an experienced team

Don't just take our word for it – check out our 500+ Google reviews from satisfied clients. We're committed to delivering exceptional service and your happiness is our top priority. We charge no fees, relying solely on lender commissions, aligning our goals with yours to make your dream home a reality. Unlike banks and some brokers, we're Whole of Market and, due to being part of the Quilter Financial Planning network, offer exclusive products, ensuring you secure a fantastic mortgage deal. With over £87 billion in loan applications submitted, we enjoy enhanced lender services, increasing the likelihood of a seamless completion with a great mortgage. You're in capable hands with us for your new build mortgage journey.



Is it hard to get a new build mortgage?


Not for us! Mortgage lender criteria can be complex, but there's no need to worry. Expert mortgage advisers, like ours at James Leighton, excel in navigating these intricacies. Lenders have specific rules for resale and new build properties, which they understand thoroughly. Choosing a new build specialist mortgage broker brings added advantages, such as access to dedicated underwriting teams, exclusive products, and even lenders not available through non-specialist brokers— all facilitated through our network Quilter Financial Planning. Your mortgage journey is in capable hands.


Can you get a mortgage before the property is built?


Yes, you can apply for a mortgage on an off-plan property with most banks and building societies. However, our advisers will consider key factors such as the expected completion date and the validity of mortgage offers, which typically last 6 months. Developers often provide a typical completion window of 3 months which is usually around 4-6 months in the future, so you’ll need a mortgage offer that accommodates this and any potential build delays. Despite the complexity, our expert advisers are well-equipped to guide you through this process.


When do you start paying the mortgage on a new build?


Typically, your initial mortgage payment occurs roughly two weeks after legal completion. The specific date depends on the lender and direct debit setup time. This first payment covers interest for the days between completion and month-end, plus the entire next month. Completing near month-end results in a smaller initial payment compared to an early-month completion. It's advisable to budget for a double mortgage payment for the first month as a precaution; a topic our advisers will discuss with you.


of new builds were affordable homes between April 2022 to March 2023*.

This marks an increase of 3 per cent on the previous year, due to the maturing of the Affordable Homes Programme 2021-26 in its second year of delivery.


Ama Singh - Mortgage Adviser

“Our team focuses on securing mortgages for our new build customers that not only meet their financial requirements but also promote stability."

Ama Singh
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Case study

Securing a new build mortgage

Client background: Mr and Mrs are foreign nationals who have resided in the UK for just over 2 years and hoped to purchase a new build property with a 10% deposit. Their complex income situation, involving two jobs for each client (including zero-hours contracts) presented unique challenges.

What we did:

  1. In-depth consultation: We conducted a comprehensive consultation to understand their financial situation and aspirations.
  2. Specialised expertise: Leveraging our mortgage expertise, we researched lenders who cater to foreign nationals and new build purchases.
  3. Income assessment: Our advisers carefully reviewed income from both jobs, including zero-hours contracts, to ensure accurate financial representation.
  4. Deposit assistance: We explored various options and government-backed schemes to address their limited deposit.

To wrap it up: We managed to secure Mr and Mrs a new build mortgage, tailored to their unique needs. We ensured the mortgage aligned with their income, promoting financial stability. Throughout the process, we offered guidance and support, ensuring their confidence in the mortgage terms and conditions. At James Leighton, we are committed to helping clients achieve their homeownership goals, despite any complex situations. This case exemplifies our dedication to finding the right mortgage solutions, regardless of individual circumstances.

We ensured the mortgage aligned with their income, promoting financial stability.

What our customers say

Great job! I am really happy of how quick they have work on my mortgage, Neil was always in touch with me with all the updates. Thank you.

K Suarez