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Our clients start working with us to ensure they have the right mortgage in place for their property needs but, through industry connections, we can help clients access a range of other services from investments to wealth management and much more.

Quilter Financial Planning accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business or any advice received from these referrals.

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Our other services

Supporting your financial future

We can connect clients with a variety of financial services and products to cater to all needs. Our industry contacts extend to leading services in financial planning, wealth management, estate planning, pensions, savings, investments, business protection, equity release products and private medical insurance. These additional services are designed to holistically benefit individuals, families and commercial entities, all from one place, for convenience, efficiency and peace of mind.

You don’t need to know what service or product you need prior to getting in touch. We put you at the heart of our work and recommend leading services by getting to know you and your circumstances first. We’re proud to connect clients with service providers with a selection of services to achieve financial independence and freedom.

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    Financial planning

    Financial planning is a way of putting your current and projected financial situation under the microscope to discuss immediate strategies to improve your financial health in the future. Taking action today could lead to a more comfortable tomorrow.

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    Equity release

    Equity release products allow senior homeowners to access cash as a lump sum or drawdown with no monthly repayments, which could be enjoyed or gifted to family.

    Equity Release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

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    Wealth management

    Wealth management is an advisory service that aims to protect and maximise wealth through investments, tax-efficient strategies and other techniques depending on the individual or family’s needs.

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    Savings and investments

    There is a plethora of saving and investment vehicles designed to increase wealth over time. We will refer you to our trusted partner who can assist you in choosing the most suitable savings or investment products based on your needs and risk preferences.


When it comes to financial planning, choosing a personal pension can be one of the most fundamental and important decisions.

Advice for these areas is on a referral only basis.

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Health and wealth

Ensuring you can enjoy the wealth you build

Life is precious and we would all like more time to be able to enjoy the wealth we build up over the decades. Private medical insurance is one way to ensure you receive the highest quality care without having to endure long waiting times for treatments and procedures. We can connect you with private medical insurance experts who will discuss all the options that align with your needs. These reputable providers can assist clients in securing private medical insurance when they have ongoing medical concerns and issues.  The service is provided from concept to completion and includes ongoing support when submitting medical records or other evidence as part of your application.



How can I make sure my financial plan is sustainable for the long term?


Financial planning should include a long-term vision to ensure any decisions you make today will be most suitable and beneficial over the following months, years and even decades. When accessing financial planning services, it is best to disclose your long-term goals, such as buying investment properties, starting businesses and even personal decisions like starting a family.


What are the different ways to save for a rainy day?


There are many products that allow you to save money and earn interest, such as fixed-term bonds, ISAs, Stocks and Shares ISAs, and a myriad of investment products. Each comes with different levels of risk exposure, which should be considered before opting into any product. This can be discussed at length with our recommended savings and investment advisers.

This service is on a referral only basis.

Quilter Financial Planning accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business or any advice received from these referrals.


How can I make sure my financial plan is updated as my circumstances change?


Although your initial financial plan may have accounted for your long-term milestones and important events, life can also be full of surprises. The best way to ensure your current plan is still suitable is to book regular financial planning consultations with your adviser. They may be able to recommend changes that could offer significant benefits in the years to follow. 


of working-age adults in 2021 did not have a financial plan for their retirement*.

While 77% of those who said they do not understand enough to make decisions about retirement did not have plan.

*Source: https://www.fincap.org.uk/en/insights/uk-adult-financial-wellbeing-survey-2021--future-focus-report

Leanne Miller-Severn - Mortgage Adviser

“In challenging times, our commitment to finding the right solutions for our clients stands strong.”

Inspired by her 15 years experience as a financial qualifier, Leanne decided to take a step up to become a mortgage adviser. She is responsible for guiding clients and ensuring their mortgage needs are met and will always go the extra mile for her clients.

Leanne Miller-Severn

What our customers say

Leanne Morris has been such an amazing advisor! She brings her very experienced knowledge and puts you first to give you the best possible outcome. The best I’ve ever come across! Thanks to Leanne, I have secured the best rate possible for me at the time and is always there if I need her for her very friendly advice and support.

G Nave